Shooting a Commercial for Your Company

Shooting a Commercial for Your CompanyYou have a small or medium – sized business, with a product that can have a great impact on the environment, and generate great revenue, but you still haven’t reached the selling level that you were expecting. If you don’t have a commercial for your product or service, then maybe it is right about time that you shoot one. Even with the advance of technology today and the rapid growth of internet consumers, commercials still hold the primate when it comes to advertising, and selling the product. If you decide to make one than you should consider the steps below:

    • Create a marketing strategy. What is the purpose of the commercial? Are you selling a new product, a product on at discount price, or it is the holiday period and you just want to remind your customers that you are still there, and wish them happy holidays, like the big companies (Coca Cola, Pepsi, or Mercedes) do. Is your product intended to be sold on the global or local market? If it is intended for local usage, than you should focus your script on local happenings, and use local character stereotypes. Otherwise, if its purpose is to be sold on global level, than you should use global characters, such as Santa Claus, famous sportsman, action heroes or national heroes. Next comes making the scenario of the commercial. You can make a story that describes your product, or film a comedy commercial, that will make your viewers laugh and remember it. Or you can decide to try more a difficult approach, like filming a thriller commercial that will keep your viewers confused, not knowing what the commercial sells until the end of it.


    • After making the scenario, make sure to pick suitable characters for your commercial. Make sure you interview all of the potential actors, and suit the ones that fit the best, since they are the one that will sell your product. Give advantage to smiley faces, unordinary but happy characters which can express their satisfaction of your product in front of the audience. Smiles, family gathering with kids and pets, or old happy couples are some of the well-known key factor to succeed.


    • Pick a destination and equipment. It’s simple: cold drinks’ commercial are purchased on the beach, and high heels are worn in night clubs. Choose the destination that expresses the scope of usage of your product. The last step is choosing for the right equipment. You can leave that to the director, or if you want save some money, than you can do this by yourself. The good thing today is there are a lot of agencies that do renting of equipment, so you don’t have to buy anything. Try to find a local company that has great quality and low price rentals, such as Musimatic Audio Visual Rentals. If you also live in Atlanta, maybe you can check them out too.


Minecraft Dedicated Server

Minecraft Dedicated ServerThe recipient of widespread praise, Minecraft is a game which has captivated millions. Awarded with the Innovation, Best Downloadable Game, Best Debut Game, Golden Joystick, and Audience Awards, this little indie sandbox has sold over 33 million copies as of October 2013; 12.5 million of that on PC alone. Created in 2011 by Swedish programmer Markus “Notch” Persson and developed by Mojang, Minecraft was said to be “instantly memorable” by IGN. The game has two primary play modes which appeal to adventures and creators alike. In Survival Mode, you can explore the world around you, harvest resources, and build a fortress to keep you safe from the monsters that come out once the sun drops. Defend yourself from zombies, skeletons, spiders, and more if you’re brave enough to venture into the dark. Explore the depths of the Neather Fortresses and see how close you can come to defeating the Ender Dragon in The End. For those who prefer games without battle, Minecraft includes Creative Mode. Use it to create monoliths and labyrinths or even to recreate your favorite locations from your favorite shows. Get together with a group of friends and build a game that’s never been made before. The options are endless.

Dedicated Servers

A dedicated server, or managed hosting service, is a type of internet hosting where the client leases an entire server not shared with anyone else. It’s a single web server in a network of computers dedicated to a single customer. Clients of dedicated servers can customize their hardware setup and decide what software they need to optimize their business and meet its needs. Hosts of dedicated servers can work with clients to make the process smooth and efficient, depending on the level of dedication you opt into (Fully managed, where everything is handled for the client, to Unmanaged, where the client provides all the required maintenance).

Minecraff on a Dedicated Server

Why would you combine these two? A dedicated server for your Minecraft seed would offer the higher performances while supporting a larger number of player slots. This accommodates the ever growing online community around the game. You are provided with optimal levels of flexibility because of the root access you are granted to your server. This enables you to allocate the RAM or CPU however you choose to most benefit your world. A dedicated server is also more secure as the threat of attack is lessened. No need to worry if someone else’s server spikes in traffic, your system will remain unaffected because your resources are not shared across multiple servers. No matter how you look at it, it’s near impossible to go wrong with a server dedicated solely to your Minecraft world.


Great Giveaways for a Business

Great Giveaways for a BusinessAt some point in the life of your business you must consider giving away a few items to your loyal customers. At the beginning of every New Year, people will appreciate calendars, diaries and planners. You may also consider having pens bearing your business logo, a couple of t-shirts or even mugs. The idea here is to look for a way of showing your customers how much you value their patronage. Very few people will resist the lure of a free gift. That is why you should capitalize on this window of opportunity. Below are some giveaways that will sell your business and lure customers:


A mug that is emblazoned with your business logo and motto will serve as a constant reminder to anyone using it. There are lots of ideas you can borrow from on how to splash cool graphics on the mug. The choice of color also matters a lot. This type of giveaway can go hand in hand with the purchase of a beverage.


Everyone needs a diary for noting down things to do and marking upcoming important events. Shop around for graphic designers who will do a fine job of creating inserts and printing your business logo on the diary. Creative Ventures Inc. is one of those firms where such work is carried out. Obtain a quote for the number of diaries you would like customized for your giveaway activity.


The beauty about t-shirts is that they can be worn anywhere and with anything. All you have to do is procure plain colored t-shirts and getting them printed. A screen printer will be able to put your design on the shirt. Some will even assist you in creating the artwork and choosing the appropriate colors.


As mentioned at the onset, this is a handy gift especially at the start of a year. The calendar should have your business name, physical address and postal address. Include a link to your website if at all you have one. Print a good mix of wall and desk calendars to the extent that your budget will allow. Post some calendars to clients whose contacts are on your database. You can then spare a few to distribute to other prospects.

Key tags

Use the same concept by having the business name and contacts printed on a key tag. You can also choose to have a variety of products appearing on one face of the tag and the contact details on the other face. This is an ideal giveaway especially for people with cars.


This inexpensive giveaway is one of the most commonly used. Make a perfect choice of colored pens and have the business logo printed on them. Use a variety of pens for this purpose.

Clients will appreciate the above gift items however inexpensive they are but go for quality materials.

New Age Media And Marketing

new_mediaMarketing isn’t easy, especially when considering all of the options available for getting the word out about one’s company. With print media, television, radio, and then the slurry of options that fall under Internet marketing. For companies who want to reach the largest number of customers though, it’s imperative to have the best Internet marketing available. For that it’s important to have New Age Media and Marketing on your side.

Social Media, Websites, and Mobile Apps

There’s so much to Internet marketing that, unless a company has professionals on staff, it’s a good idea to hire a marketing firm to handle the online side of things. However, it’s also important for companies to know what they should have in terms of an online presence so they know what to ask for from their marketing consultants.

First and foremost it’s important for companies to have their own websites to interact with the public. These sites need to be functional, attractive, and updated with helpful, actionable information. The website also needs to be designed with SEO, or search engine optimization, in mind. When optimized a search engine will latch onto the keywords present in a website and rank it more highly than it might have done otherwise. The higher a website ranks in searches, the more traffic it receives, and the more likely it is to become profitable for the website owner.

In addition to having its own website a company also needs to have a social media presence. Whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any of a dozen other social media networks, these are great ways to draw customers, admirers, and followers of all stripes to a company. It isn’t easy though, particularly if a company doesn’t have any social media experts on staff to build profiles, update information, and to manage comments left by the general public about what they want to see more of. This is really where having a consulting company to assist comes in handy. It frees up the company to continue the status quo, but at the same time it ensures that someone is keeping this window on the public clean and clear.

Lastly, many businesses find it a good idea to have their own apps designed. Apps, or applications, are programs designed to run on smartphones or tablet computers that perform simple but useful functions. Maybe the app keeps maps of all of a chain store’s locations, directing individuals to the nearest one? Maybe it’s a simple game starring a company’s mascot. Whatever the mobile app does, it can buy a lot of goodwill on the part of the public if it’s entertaining, and it saves people both time and money in day-to-day life.

What are Connected Services?

A woman uses the iPad MiniIn today’s global society, we have become dependent on all of our technological gadgets to keep us connected through the Internet, instant messaging, social networking, and a myriad of other ways. Cell phones and the Internet have all but made the traditional telephone obsolete. It seems like everything in life is now connected to everything else. The Internet connects with desk top computers, laptops, tablets, cell phones, and printers. Newer automobiles are now coming equipped with Internet connected technology. With the help of connectivity, voice assisted technology enables drivers to use live operators to surf the web and make appointments, thus ensuring that the driver will never have to stop watching the road.



The experts at can provide you with this technology and the freedom it brings. Their services can be integrated into the car, itself, or into your tablet or smartphone.

With all of this technology available to businesses, it has been necessary for innovators in the business world to design innovative ways to aid businesses in designing efficient ways to run their businesses so that they can not only fulfill employee needs, but also that they can improve their profit margins.

One key to success is employee satisfaction, and this will not be evident if they are so overburdened with work, some of which they are not really qualified to complete professionally.

Connected services provide a platform that allows businesses to promptly respond to any maintenance problems that occur in their systems. The use of these services allows effective management reporting for strategic asset planning.

The technological services connect with businesses, giving them the ability to increase productivity. Businesses also use connectivity to maximize cost saving technology. When a business is searching for a connectivity platform to improve their strategic planning, they will find a myriad of services, they can check out, where they will find a company that will work with you to enhance your brands with the integration of website and mobile applications.

Connectivity allows you to bring in services from external data sources, such as databases, web services, .net connectivity and custom data services. The service you choose to help create a connectivity scenario that is unique to you will depend on what your business needs are. These services range from simple solutions that rely on native capabilities with little or no customization to more advanced capabilities that allow more complex capabilities by connecting to applications that offer more functionality.

Connected services help small and large businesses alike, by connecting services to software in order to provide companies with the best applications possible to increase their business productivity and profit possibilities. Businesses use services to help connect their customers to appropriate online assistance. These service providers are constantly striving to improve services that they offer to customers by making them more convenient and easy to utilize.

These services and more can be found at, where customers receive the best services, such as real time driver assistance and 911 PSAP routing. Customers can use services of connecting companies to free up some time for employees by easing their workloads of tasks that could be better performed by those with more professional knowledge in the field.

The Global Concierge Technology platform gathers data from you, your customers and their global network of service providers to create for you a powerful and quick environment that is built into the user portal. This will be a gateway unique to your brand where users have the ability to access services easily. The experts at can do this and much more with their dynamic team of experts.

Product support is very important to your business and you want to be assured that the connecter you chose will make that a prime priority. This is yet another facet of the services provided by the experts at, where you will receive the world-class support of your call centered that is operated by our experts. Personal assistance services are customized to fit the promotional needs of your business, carrying your unique label. You also receive travel assistance and emergency support.

MyAssist promises to provide you with technology that ensures a seamless process with astonishing results.

Solution Stream

Solution Stream offers a range of services, from project management to complete design, or just the processes that are required in-between project management and complete design. It uses a rigorous process to make sure that each step in the project is completed as required and at the proper time.

Solution-Stream will design for you apps that will give you great user experience. They make sure that the back end is skinned with a spectacular, intuitive front end. This is made possible by an eclectic team of world class user interaction designers who come from different backgrounds of print, marketing and branding who are also able to make even most complicated apps usable.

project management and complete designSo how does Solution-Stream work? Solution Stream works by turning your concept into usable software. You may have a vision of what your software should do, but you cannot define how it is going to work in order to achieve what it should do. Solution Stream designers will dig in to help pinpoint goals for user behavior. They will make an outline of the sketch version of your app. This will enable them to identify the most efficient process of getting the final result. They will also design and carry out tests to the software to make sure that its interface gives an easy and enjoyable user experience.

Some of the processes that will be involved in the design of the software include web development, java development, .Net Development, PHP Development, Mobile Development, iOS and Android development, architecture, project management, quality assurance, online marketing among others. The services used will depend on the kind of app that is being developed.

If you need a custom build content management website with your own specs, Solution-Stream will surely do outstanding work for you using popular CMS platforms such as Drupal, WordPress, Joomla and CMS Made Simple. It will definitely fulfil your needs, no matter what platform you want to use. If you need any application for the web or a mobile device, java development will be used. Some of the tools the designers use to make cool Java apps include Spring MVC, JSF, Wicket, Mustache and GWT. Solution-Stream has a team of designers that have enviable track records as well a depth of experience that instills confidence. Many clients go to them for powerful solutions that bring change in the core areas that impact business, for instance finance, sales and marketing, human capital and operations. They deliver results through strategic business planning, prudent financial management, creative thinking, and practical business experience as well as empowered leadership.

3 Ways to Improve Local SEO

Online marketing has become a battlefield. With so many companies vying for attention online, an aggressive marketing strategy is essential to keep your web site coming up first on the search engines. The goal for every web site is to be seen first and seen more often than the competition to convert more prospects to customers when they are searching online for your products and services.

In the vast empire of online opportunities, search engines drive prospects to a web site by using language from the prospects to determine results. In order for the search engine to lead those prospects to your web site, you must speak their language.

3 Ways to Improve Local SEOSearch Engine Optimization or SEO is a key component to success in online marketing. Simply put, a search engine will rank your web site based on its relevance to the prospect.

To optimize the chance of your web site being found and ranked first organically, without paying for sponsored ads, there are several creative strategies to employ. Begin with 3 basic ways to improve local SEO and rank high on the popular search engines like Yahoo or Google,.

First, remember content is the key. Create ads that use the same language as the local prospects use to find you. Increase your exposure to specific clientele by using their specific language in your ads to draw them into your selling proposition. Be the web site they are searching for but avoid excessive keyword density. Try to use just the right words and phrases to attract the right customers, without over doing it.

Second: Produce an online newsletter or blog about your specialty. Create a separate professional persona, become an online expert in your field. Produce informative articles and interesting blog posts about your industry to draw attention to your web site. Publish compelling or amusing articles online on a regular basis. Refer to your website as your credentials. This will increase your web site relevance. You will cause your business name to pop up organically more often and improve your local ranking because of the added presence online.

The third basic way to see improvement is to jump on affiliate bandwagons. Make regular contributions to other local blogs and forums that pertain to your industry but are not competition for your web site. Link your business to partners in your industry to increases your exposure to more prospects. Your business should be seen at the same online places that your prospects frequent.

To improve local SEO, get personal with your prospects and stay connected regularly for your web site to earn top ranking.

Hiring Help for Your App Development

With all the new apps on the market, it is no wonder that so many start ups are beginning to spread out in this venture. If you are about to design an app of your own, it can be helpful to get some tech support. These tips will surely help business development officer of any mobile app design company.

Ask For References

When starting any new working relationship, it is always best to know fully what you are getting yourself into. Getting references first is a good way to achieve this. Prospective app designers should be able to provide you with a list of references, which you can consult to get some background info on how the designer works. Likewise, word of mouth is a great way to hear about helpful tech support, as you can often ask up front how the individual felt about working with that designer.

Hiring Help for Your App DevelopmentCheck Out the Portfolio

Once you have a good feel for the designer, make sure to take some time to go through his body of work. Any good designer is going to have a professional portfolio filled with examples of some of his best work. Scroll this to make sure his design aesthetic matches up with what you are envisioning for the app. This way, there are no surprises at the end, forcing you to start the process all over again.

Be Clear On Your Wants

Before even sitting down with the tech help, have a clear vision of how you want the project to go. This isn’t a sideline process, it is your app, so lay out the framework of what you want to achieve, then explain this articulately to the designer so there is no miscommunication. This is a two way street so be open and communicative from the start, which will help build that trust for a good working and creative relationship.

Have Examples On Hand

Sometimes it is difficult to verbally explain what we are looking for, so it is always a good idea to have some examples on hand to show the designer what you are aiming for. Reference a few app features you know you like and want incorporated, so the designer can get a feel for your style and tastes and then move in the appropriate direction. Being vague is not going to work in anyone’s best interest.

Stay Involved

It is not good enough to simply agree on a plan and then step aside. In a project this sophisticated, you need to stay involved. Keep a good working relationship with your app designer, checking in on progress as each phase is completed. If you notice something you do not like, speak up, as it is easier to fix the problem now than later on down the road.

Integrating Social Media With Your SEO Strategy

Social_Media_SEOSocial media integration is the key to a successful SEO strategy.  Learning to use the opportunities that are presented through social media outlets can make a dramatic difference in the reach your business has.  Orangesoda social media writing tips as well as these ideas can help you successfully integrate your social media with your SEO strategy:

  • Identify keywords and themes.  When you want to achieve the best SEO results it is important to understand the power of specific keywords and phrases.  What keywords or phrases best represent your brand or your business?  Knowing these words allows you to incorporate them through all areas of media that you use and increases their SEO effectiveness.  Not only will you increase your search engine results you will begin to increase awareness of your company and your brand in connection with these keywords or phrases through social media, blogs, advertisements, and more.
  • Use quality content.  When writing any content for your website, social media page, blogs posts, or other outlets it is important to consider the quality of the content.  Choosing original and unique content will help to increase the results you achieve.  You can use the same quality content in a variety of avenues.  A blog post can be shared on your social media page, used as a press release, or even as a detailed service description on your website.  Learn how to write quality content that conveys the right message and it can be used in many different ways.
  • Communications strategy.  Learn how to integrate content between social media sites, your website, blogs and other online posts.  In addition you can also use well written information as part of an email newsletter or other communication sent to customers.  Realizing that you can link communications and postings between sites can offer a great advantage in increasing SEO results.
  • Consistent branding.  When writing articles, posts, or detailed information about your business it is important to remember your business branding.  Being consistent with keywords, important facts and details as well as brand images helps to build brand recognition and company awareness through social media sites as well as internet searches.  When choosing content to use on your website, blog, or social media posts be consistent in images as well as content that is used.
  • Consider video and photo content.  Not only can video and photos draw attention to your website they can contribute important assets to your overall SEO strategy.  Your branding is one such image that will carry over from social media sites to other areas of the internet.  Consider posts that include photos to differentiate them from others and to add content.

Learning how to use social media is an important step in expanding the awareness for your business.  Using keywords, consistent branding, and quality content in social media posts can also help to increase your SEO results through integration and linked connections.

Bringing Your Mobile App To The Next Level

mobileapps2It is critical to bring your mobile apps to the market and to try to do what you can to see those apps made to be the best that they can possibly be. This is not too difficult to do so long as you are willing to put in the work to make it happen. There are many who are ready to put in this work, but then there are others who may not be. You have to figure out which camp you fit into.

The first thing to remember about your mobile app is that it is has been designed for those on the go. It has to be made to please those who need to access whatever information you provide to them on the fly. You want speed to be a big part of what you focus on with mobile apps. Accessibility is another critical part of this type of application, but absolutely shoot for working on making the information in your app as accessible as possible.

Having to constantly update a mobile application is rather annoying to the end user, so it is much better to them if you are just able to get it all done correctly the first time. They are certainly going to appreciate it a lot more if you are there for them by providing them with an app that they do not have to keep upgrading all the time. You just have to put your best foot forward in order to make this happen. Remember, you are there to serve your customers. That is really what it is all about. You provide for them so that they will continue to shop with you and enjoy your products.

Your application needs to make it easy to access the various things that people are able to do on your website with no problems. The best way to do this is to make sure that everything is labeled the way that it is supposed to be and that you have made sure of this. You want everything to be broken up well into the categories that they belong to. With all of that going for you, it is possible to finally have the kind of mobile app that customers are going to reward you for having put out.

Make sure that you are prepared for customer feedback on the work that you have done. This is perhaps the easiest way to gather more information about what you should be doing to make your app work for the people that you are designing it for in the first place. A mobile app development company can help you out with it if you have any more questions on the matter.