Where To Find SEO Agencies?

seo_agencySally just opened up a local business that sells flavored popcorn. Locally she has been a huge hit with regulars stopping by on a weekly or monthly basis to buy her unique salty treat. However, Sally has had a lot of trouble with growth because she knows that her local audience is limited and she has pretty much already reached as many people in the community as she will. She wants to expand online, but is having trouble getting any attention online. If you can relate, then it is very likely that you and Sally are both in need of a good SEO agency.

Getting discovered online does not happen by accident, and accumulating online sales will not happen by accident either. When you Google a search term the first result that comes up on the page outside of the sponsored ads is not an accident either, it is the hard work of a search engine optimization team that has worked hard to make sure that a website is always near the top of the search query. By making it so that your website is near the top of a search query you can ensure sales. Sally would be making a great deal of profit online if her company came up first every time someone popped in flavored popcorn.

As it stands, Sally’s website does not even rank on the first page; which is why she needs to travel over to the OrangeSoda Business Website to see what a proper SEO agent could do for her. It can be hard to find an SEO agent in your community, because it is a mostly online based community of workers. Therefore, it is only logical that if you want to hire someone to handle your SEO the best place to head is online. After all, search engine optimization occurs completely online, so it is only sensible to assume that most people are based online that can help you.

You can cut the search for an SEO agent short however if you just head over to the OrangeSoda Business Website because all of the resources that Sally or you could need are all in one great place. By hiring an SEO agent to work on your website you notice that the traffic flow on your website will start to grow. For Sally it took a good two to three months for her traffic to explode, but she started to see small traffic increases from the start. Now Sally has a profitable business both online and offline, and you can too if you follow her example and find a great SEO agent.

Boosting Traffic Using Pinterest

Pinterest2There is a good reason why Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media sites today on the internet. It’s not because everyone is pinning interesting graphics and pictures for admiration and discussion, but its platform has the impressive ability to drive high traffic to any website. We all agree that establishing a social media presence can be an overwhelming task for any individual or business, but there are a few simple techniques that one can implement to boost traffic on Pinterest.

Create appealing Pinboards

Create boards that are appealing to your visitor or customer. The photos and images should be eye catching and clear, because most people decide whether they will interact with your virtual boards within the first few seconds of their visit. It’s almost like window shopping. Will there be interesting visuals or graphics for visitors to pin and share your content? The more sharing that occurs across the social media platforms, the more potential traffic to a website.

Make Sure Your Website is Pinnable

Pin it buttons on your website or blog enable a business to facilitate its graphics and pictures with a link back. This has the potential to go viral. Each pinning customer usually has Facebook followers on all social network platforms, enabling users to automatically post new pins to their accounts for others to see. This allows other pinners to view your content and visit your pages in just one click.

Host a Giveaway

Have a competition by asking users to create their own personal board to show appreciation for your products or services. This is a fantastic way to get and retain followers. First ask customers to create a board that shows pictures of them doing fun and awesome things while using a product from your website, then have the entrants submit their pinboards so that it can judged, or have voting done on a Facebook page. Consult with Orangesoda social marketing experts to help with guidelines and any legal issues.

Feature Photos of Your Customers

Encourage customers to send in photos using your products. Their smiling photos will show loyalty to the brand and help with promotions and engage followers. Most customers like the fact that they are featured on your page and when they share this through other social media platforms with friends and associates, this will definitely create a buzz.

With persistence, employing all of these techniques and more will create traffic. Companies are not limited as the possibilities are endless. This may overwhelm most businesses, but Orangesoda social marketing experts are more than capable of implementing other complex traffic strategies. Contact them if you haven’t yet done so, because limitations on any business puts a ceiling on growth. Remember the more traffic generated, the higher the chances of increasing followers on Pinterest and generating activity for your Business.

Hiring OrangeSoda for your Marketing

Social engineering conceptThere are many reasons why you should consider hiring OrangeSoda for your SEO marketing services. We put all of your online marketing needs at your fingertips, and our reputation is so go that you will be downloading the OrangeSoda press kit and sharing the love for OrangeSoda like everyone else. Pitting your trust in OrangeSoda will leave you with everything you could hope for with our positive and productive results, because we know that online marketing can be tough, but we’re here for you. We have our hands resting with thousands of small businesses around the world, and it doesn’t end there because you can be a part of our growing community as well.

Let us help you and you will see just how great we are. Our technique helps many businesses prosper by taking all of the complications of online marketing like social networking, HTML, SEO, and PPC, and creating a brilliant marketing strategy along with giving our personal service to you.

We have a dedicated team of experts ready to help and solve any area of your marketing troubles, and with one of our high quality local marketing strategies known as Blend, we know you will find what you are liking for and be pleased with the results.

If you are wondering what Blend is, it is a three service online marketing tool that is a mixture of what a business needs,so that it can draw in more customers and become successful. The first level is known as the Basic Blend, and it features a website, SEO, up to date marketing services, and maps optimization.

The next level is called Smart Blend, and it is perfect for those that need a little extra assistance with online marketing. It comes with all the features of Basic Blend, with the added bonus of having a marketing manager as your personal guide.

The final and most elite of the three is known as Pro Blend, and this package features everything you need to get customers flocking towards your business in no time. It comes with all the feature of Basic and Smart Blend, and is mixed with PPC to give you the ultimate experience with full online marketing coverage.

With added features like this; your business is sure to appear first in search results, and you will also be able to see clear progress reports that show all the work that is being done. You will also receive monthly status reports to go along with this.

Another reason why you should hire OrangeSoda is because, we cater to many mobile friendly websites and marketing targeting mobile behavior. As you can see, we have you covered whenever and however you need us with outstanding marketing solutions, that will allow your business to flourish.

Keeping A Clean Workplace

cleanworkA clean workplace is essential for any business, whether or not it is open to the public. Commercial Garbage Removal in Indianapolis will help make a clean workplace possible.

For a retail business, seeking to bring customers in, a clean workplace establishes a welcoming atmosphere. A clean environment encourages customers to stay and shop not succumb to an urge to flee.

Even for a firm where customers are not allowed in the workplace, a clean environment is essential for staff efficiency and morale. Employees can’t function amid clutter, filth, and chaos.

A clean workplace is also important to the sole proprietor who never has customers enter their workplace. A shop engaged in small scale manufacturing, repairs, or crafts requires a certain degree of order and cleanliness for efficient operations. The small shop owner who spends an hour looking for a part, a tool, or sometimes even the item being worked on isn’t using their skills or their time effectively. And, the time they waste on such activity isn’t time they can charge to their customers.

There are legal reasons to keep a workplace clean. At a certain point clutter and filth become a health hazard. Eventually a dirty workplace will draw not just vermin but bureaucracy. A visit from the health department means inspections, citations, mandatory intrusions, paperwork, fines, and fees. Liability for injuries is another problem that will be avoided if a workplace is kept clean. Injuries caused when a workplace isn’t clean mean lawyers, judges, damage claims, and increased insurance rates for the business owner, which wouldn’t have happened if the workplace had been kept clean.

The way to avoid all these problems is by instituting regular cleaning of a workplace, either by hiring professional cleaners, or assigning cleaning tasks to employees. A check list of what has to be done and when it has to be completed will establish structure and regularity to workplace cleaning and ensure tasks are done when they should be.

Another important aspect to workplace cleaning is to establish protocols for the disposal of no longer needed items, commonly referred to as “junk.” It’s often active, successful businesses who fall prey to the junk invasion. When junk gets in the way, but no one feels they have the time or the authority to dispose of it, the common result is to put it someplace out of the way and make the excuse that it will be dealt with another day. That day is usually deferred until the junk emerges from the out of the way place and invades the workplace. The solution is for someone to be responsible for disposing of the junk before it completes its conquest of the workplace.

Finding A Good Web Hosting Provider

website_hostingIf you have a web site you’d like people to be able to access, you need a web hosting provider. A web hosting service allows you to store your web site on a high-capacity server so that internet users can view and interact with the web pages you create. Without a web hosting service, you may not be able to handle the traffic your website generates. There are several things you should keep in mind when you’re looking for a good web hosting provider.

Amount of Space Needed

The amount of space offered by web hosting providers usually starts around 50 megabytes and can reach 200 megabytes or more. Different packages are typically offered with different sizes. Most web sites will do just fine with 50 megabytes. Only the largest websites will need more than that amount of space.

Email Addresses

Web hosting providers typically provide multiple hosting packages, which will have varying numbers of email addresses permitted. For example, a budget account may allow 5 email addresses, while a more expensive package may allow up to 250. Consider how many email addresses you will need for your website before you commit to a package.


Bandwidth is important if your website generates large amounts of traffic. Bandwidth is the amount of data your website is able to transmit to internet users. Bandwidth is typically measured on a monthly basis. Small websites typically require half a gigabyte or less of bandwidth monthly. This means that if your web pages are an average of 10 kilobytes in size (approximately 1,000 words on the web page), you can serve around 52,000 web pages monthly.


Make sure you understand what happens if you go over the allotted amount of bandwidth in any given month. Some web hosting service providers will shut off your website, which may cause you lost sales or lost customers. On the other hand, some providers automatically add overage charges to your monthly bill, often priced at a higher rate than your normal charges.


Ask friends and coworkers who have websites for recommendations for web hosting services. Do some research on the internet and see if you can find reviews from past or current customers. Check out different packages offered by the web hosting service providers you’re considering. Make sure there is a package that fits your needs completely. Compare similar packages across multiple providers to make sure you’re getting the best deal. Don’t pay large amounts up front, even if it works out to be cheaper in the long run. Make sure you like the service you’re getting before you commit for a long period of time.

Finding the best web hosting service provider for your needs will help you upload and maintain a website that can handle all the traffic it attracts.

Why Social Media Marketing Should Not Be Ignored

The technological advances of the internet has provided marketers with a diverse amount of tools to reach a variety of potential buyers and company advocates. Over a quarter of all internet use is tied to social media platforms and organizations are realizing that, like the television, it is a household fixture. Anyone that is interested in developing their marketing strategy can benefit from the user-friendly tools. One common beginner mistake is thinking it is meant to be a simple fix. Social media marketing is meant to be a long term relationship between a company or product’s personality. Good relationships require effort, listening, and sharing. Below are key principles for running a social media marketing campaign.


First,what is social media marketing?

It is the use of internet technology tools to promote a product or services. These tools include blogs, forums, email, in addition popular word- and picture-based message boards.There are well known websites that use word-, photo-, and video-based forms of internet marketing tools available. The many choices can be overwhelming for new social media marketers. Which brings us to our first principle.

Start slow and steady

Developing a good relationship requires trust. First your audience needs to know that you will consistently provide new and original content. Pick a small goal at first such as posting a new piece of content once a week. Search for tools that allow you to post to several platforms simultaneously. This way your presence can reach a larger audience. Over time, build up to posting once a day, after a while it will be easy to find content that your keeps the audience interested.

Next principle, listen to your audience. At first, a general posting plan that fits your product or service is necessary. Eventually you will notice the audience responding to some posts more than others. When this pattern develops take the time to use those types of post more often. If you get a comment then make sure to reply. Showing the

customer that you are listening to their needs will help them open up communication even more. Don’t be afraid of negative feedback either. Think of this as honest constructive criticism, and an opportunity to improve your business. Responding will bridge relations and help the organization evolve and grow with the times.

Finally, make sure to share. Sharing information is the basis of what social media marketing is, and this means being vulnerable. Show your team working on a new project or volunteering on the weekend. Share stories of the success of the product and plans on where it is going. The internet audience craves honesty and the only what to do this is by showing there are humans on the other side, posting everyday. Glimpses of reality incorporated with product or service promotions will give the campaign the right feel. So there is your answer why social media marketing is important.

Tips For Getting Your Business More Searches Online

onlineThese days, more businesses than ever are utilizing the Internet to offer products and services. The Internet has become a wonderful part of most business operations. Because of this businesses are always looking for new and creative ways to direct web traffic to their websites. If a business owner wants to drive more traffic to their website they merely need to read on and follow a few steps.

One of the first tasks is having all the key words on a website optimized. These days search engine optimization is imperative in helping drive traffic to a website. Fortunately there is information all over the Internet designed to help a website owner optimize a website.

Another way of driving traffic to a website is by using social networking websites. Increasingly website owners are providing links on their Facebook and Twitter accounts back to their website. Using this method is free, and can help drive up website hits considerably.

Another important part of driving traffic to a website is having interesting web content. Adding fresh and interesting web content to a website will engage the readers, and entice customers to return to a webpage .

Another method business owners use to direct traffic to their website is using free online classified ad websites. A person can post on these classified ad websites all day long, and offer a link to the website being promoted. In addition to free classified ad websites business owners use online auction sites to bring in traffic. A person can list items for sale on auction websites. On the page where the listed items appears specific website url’s can be inserted. A person interested in the product being offered for auction will likely be interested in similar items. This will often compel customers to click on through to the linked websites from the auction page.

Another excellent way to get extra web traffic is through videos. Videos placed on websites like YouTube often have a powerful impact upon the viewer. Many of these videos direct a person to follow an included link to a website. These videos are typically viewed by people who type in specific words into the sites search engine. This type of customer is directing themselves to video and products that interest them.

More than ever business owners are aware of the powerful need for increased web traffic. By integrating multiple web presences a business owner can easily increase web traffic to their website. Most of the ways to increase web traffic require very little time, and can make a huge difference in the amount of web traffic.

Getting Your Info Correct on Google Maps Boosts Your Online Presence

Google is slowly, but surely taking over the world. It has dominated the search engine and smart phone market. With recent changes to how Google local search works, Google Maps now merged with Google Places. These changes are in a response to the ever growing mobile local search. It is estimated that mobile search will take over desktop search by the end of 2013. In this article you will learn about the trends in Google Maps update that are effecting your business right now.

Currently 43% of searches are through local search. Users who search for your brand through desktop search generally take two weeks to act upon their search. Mobile users will act upon their search within minutes on average! If you are not represented in Google correctly you are loosing business. All it takes is one wrong digit and you are sending paying customers to the wrong location or number. Not only do you lose their business, but you also create an angry customer. Bad reviews spread like wild fire and all it takes is one on your profile to drive customers running from your business.

In order to avoid this cycle of bad business karma, you must get your Google Maps profile updated. This is very simple to do and will only take a few minutes of your time. You will need an email account and your business information on hand. Next, search for your business in Google Maps. When you click on the Google Maps result it will take you to your Google Plus page. From here you can click the “Manage this Business” button in the “Is this Your Business” tab. Follow the steps provided in the form to claim your businesses information in the search results. The final verification required is a phone call or post card to your business. This is to make sure that no other business can rightfully claim your listing. After you have completed these steps you are step up in Google Places and Maps. All you need to do is login and correct any mistakes in your business information.

In addition to correct information, you want to make sure that your profile is complete and rich with information. Remember this is the gateway for many consumers that are considering your business. In your profile you are able to post pictures, videos, and a short description of your business. The more information you provide, the better you will look towards customers and Google.

Very few business owners actually claim their listings in Google Maps. Just check your market to see which businesses are actively monitoring their listings. By updating your Google Maps information you are already leagues ahead of these businesses. Once you are up and running your Google Maps results is a low maintenance marketing tool that generates amazing results.

Link Building Tactics To Grow Your Business

Link building tacticsOrangeSoda local business marketing. Sometimes it’s difficult for a small business to have the personnel necessary to turn their dreams of having a successful link building program into a reality. They have to strain their already maxed out resources to the point where it’s a challenge for them to complete any other projects. Offloading this kind of work onto another entity frees up your qualified representatives to do what’s truly important in your organization. You have to do whatever it takes to ensure the efficiency of your company. When it comes to working on the internet, you have to make all sorts of changes in order to stay ahead of the curve.


It’s ideal for any organization to take over their link building activities once they reach a certain size. You have to look for the people who have the expertise that will increase the possibility that you will receive solid results. The problem that comes with staffing your workforce with the best possible people is that the landscape of internet knowledge is ever changing. You need to focus on hiring people whose education in this area is more recent than others. You might think that working in the industry in recent years is a surefire way to get you in there; however, it’s difficult to find an industry professional that’s willing to push their skills beyond their current levels in the hopes that they will enhance their understanding.
A lot of businesses are so interested in maintaining their supremacy over everything that they do. They don’t want to hire another group of people to solve a problem that they think that they could easily solve on their own. The fact remains that there’s nothing wrong with leaning on the expertise of people who know what they’re doing in the hopes that they can get the job done right. You will have the ability to focus on other things in your organization once you hand over the keys to an important aspect of your business. You need to do your best to convey the identity of your organization to whatever company you decide to hire. Somehow you have to come to common ground where everyone involved benefits the most.


You have to acknowledge the fact that there’s so much talent floating around in the ether of the digital landscape. People are coming out of school each year ready to conquer the world as it changes around them. Companies either have to hire these people or go with companies that are already staffed with trained professionals. The investment in this regard is worth it no matter how you decide to interpret it. At some point, you’re bound to see results that are sure to amaze you. When that time comes, you have to be ready to handle the tidal wave that’s sure to follow.



Finding an SEO Agency

seoSearch Engine Optimization, or SEO, is something that is fairly new to the business scene, but its impact is constantly being felt by business owners who can see their companies’ online profiles get stronger and stronger every day. When you implement a proper SEO marketing campaign, it can make all the difference for your company. Not only does your website become more noticeable, but you are more likely to be seen by people who are actively seeking your help. Reaching out to potential customers and clients through SEO marketing is the best way to gather new people to your website who actually have need of your products and services. While it is clear that building an SEO marketing campaign is a necessary step to creating a healthy online presence, it is not always so clear how to go about doing that.

As previously mentioned, SEO is fairly new as far as business practices go. Many business owners have conducted themselves well for years without it. However, in today’s business world, it is important to keep up with modern technology and business practices. It’s never too late to introduce new and helpful business tools. If you are a business owner who would like to start an SEO marketing campaign but you’re unsure how to go about doing it, then you need to start the search for an SEO agency.

SEO agencies are companies that dedicate themselves to creating and building strong SEO campaigns for businesses like yours.

There are a great number of SEO agencies out there, but, as with any business deal, you want to make sure you are aligning yourself with the right people for you. When it comes to SEO agencies, it is more important to find an agency that can help you with your online needs than it is to find an agency that understands the particular type of business that you do. There aren’t separate SEO agencies for educational websites and blogging websites, websites for ballet companies and websites for plumbing companies. Rather, the most significant factor in choosing an SEO agency is whether that particular agency is willing and able to provide the kind of online support that you seek.

Not all agencies are the same, and not all agencies provide the same services. Luckily, there are some SEO agencies that involve themselves in every facet of online profile building. OrangeSoda is an SEO company that is dedicated to creating a strong online presence to each and every company it works with. Becoming an OrangeSoda authorized partner means creating a website and online presence that can be found, seen, and trusted by everyone on the internet. Aligning your company with OrangeSoda is one of the best moves you can make for your company.