Great Giveaways for a Business

Great Giveaways for a BusinessAt some point in the life of your business you must consider giving away a few items to your loyal customers. At the beginning of every New Year, people will appreciate calendars, diaries and planners. You may also consider having pens bearing your business logo, a couple of t-shirts or even mugs. The idea here is to look for a way of showing your customers how much you value their patronage. Very few people will resist the lure of a free gift. That is why you should capitalize on this window of opportunity. Below are some giveaways that will sell your business and lure customers:


A mug that is emblazoned with your business logo and motto will serve as a constant reminder to anyone using it. There are lots of ideas you can borrow from on how to splash cool graphics on the mug. The choice of color also matters a lot. This type of giveaway can go hand in hand with the purchase of a beverage.


Everyone needs a diary for noting down things to do and marking upcoming important events. Shop around for graphic designers who will do a fine job of creating inserts and printing your business logo on the diary. Creative Ventures Inc. is one of those firms where such work is carried out. Obtain a quote for the number of diaries you would like customized for your giveaway activity.


The beauty about t-shirts is that they can be worn anywhere and with anything. All you have to do is procure plain colored t-shirts and getting them printed. A screen printer will be able to put your design on the shirt. Some will even assist you in creating the artwork and choosing the appropriate colors.


As mentioned at the onset, this is a handy gift especially at the start of a year. The calendar should have your business name, physical address and postal address. Include a link to your website if at all you have one. Print a good mix of wall and desk calendars to the extent that your budget will allow. Post some calendars to clients whose contacts are on your database. You can then spare a few to distribute to other prospects.

Key tags

Use the same concept by having the business name and contacts printed on a key tag. You can also choose to have a variety of products appearing on one face of the tag and the contact details on the other face. This is an ideal giveaway especially for people with cars.


This inexpensive giveaway is one of the most commonly used. Make a perfect choice of colored pens and have the business logo printed on them. Use a variety of pens for this purpose.

Clients will appreciate the above gift items however inexpensive they are but go for quality materials.