Integrating Social Media With Your SEO Strategy

Social_Media_SEOSocial media integration is the key to a successful SEO strategy.  Learning to use the opportunities that are presented through social media outlets can make a dramatic difference in the reach your business has.  Orangesoda social media writing tips as well as these ideas can help you successfully integrate your social media with your SEO strategy:

  • Identify keywords and themes.  When you want to achieve the best SEO results it is important to understand the power of specific keywords and phrases.  What keywords or phrases best represent your brand or your business?  Knowing these words allows you to incorporate them through all areas of media that you use and increases their SEO effectiveness.  Not only will you increase your search engine results you will begin to increase awareness of your company and your brand in connection with these keywords or phrases through social media, blogs, advertisements, and more.
  • Use quality content.  When writing any content for your website, social media page, blogs posts, or other outlets it is important to consider the quality of the content.  Choosing original and unique content will help to increase the results you achieve.  You can use the same quality content in a variety of avenues.  A blog post can be shared on your social media page, used as a press release, or even as a detailed service description on your website.  Learn how to write quality content that conveys the right message and it can be used in many different ways.
  • Communications strategy.  Learn how to integrate content between social media sites, your website, blogs and other online posts.  In addition you can also use well written information as part of an email newsletter or other communication sent to customers.  Realizing that you can link communications and postings between sites can offer a great advantage in increasing SEO results.
  • Consistent branding.  When writing articles, posts, or detailed information about your business it is important to remember your business branding.  Being consistent with keywords, important facts and details as well as brand images helps to build brand recognition and company awareness through social media sites as well as internet searches.  When choosing content to use on your website, blog, or social media posts be consistent in images as well as content that is used.
  • Consider video and photo content.  Not only can video and photos draw attention to your website they can contribute important assets to your overall SEO strategy.  Your branding is one such image that will carry over from social media sites to other areas of the internet.  Consider posts that include photos to differentiate them from others and to add content.

Learning how to use social media is an important step in expanding the awareness for your business.  Using keywords, consistent branding, and quality content in social media posts can also help to increase your SEO results through integration and linked connections.