Solution Stream

Solution Stream offers a range of services, from project management to complete design, or just the processes that are required in-between project management and complete design. It uses a rigorous process to make sure that each step in the project is completed as required and at the proper time.

Solution-Stream will design for you apps that will give you great user experience. They make sure that the back end is skinned with a spectacular, intuitive front end. This is made possible by an eclectic team of world class user interaction designers who come from different backgrounds of print, marketing and branding who are also able to make even most complicated apps usable.

project management and complete designSo how does Solution-Stream work? Solution Stream works by turning your concept into usable software. You may have a vision of what your software should do, but you cannot define how it is going to work in order to achieve what it should do. Solution Stream designers will dig in to help pinpoint goals for user behavior. They will make an outline of the sketch version of your app. This will enable them to identify the most efficient process of getting the final result. They will also design and carry out tests to the software to make sure that its interface gives an easy and enjoyable user experience.

Some of the processes that will be involved in the design of the software include web development, java development, .Net Development, PHP Development, Mobile Development, iOS and Android development, architecture, project management, quality assurance, online marketing among others. The services used will depend on the kind of app that is being developed.

If you need a custom build content management website with your own specs, Solution-Stream will surely do outstanding work for you using popular CMS platforms such as Drupal, WordPress, Joomla and CMS Made Simple. It will definitely fulfil your needs, no matter what platform you want to use. If you need any application for the web or a mobile device, java development will be used. Some of the tools the designers use to make cool Java apps include Spring MVC, JSF, Wicket, Mustache and GWT. Solution-Stream has a team of designers that have enviable track records as well a depth of experience that instills confidence. Many clients go to them for powerful solutions that bring change in the core areas that impact business, for instance finance, sales and marketing, human capital and operations. They deliver results through strategic business planning, prudent financial management, creative thinking, and practical business experience as well as empowered leadership.