Shooting a Commercial for Your Company

Shooting a Commercial for Your CompanyYou have a small or medium – sized business, with a product that can have a great impact on the environment, and generate great revenue, but you still haven’t reached the selling level that you were expecting. If you don’t have a commercial for your product or service, then maybe it is right about time that you shoot one. Even with the advance of technology today and the rapid growth of internet consumers, commercials still hold the primate when it comes to advertising, and selling the product. If you decide to make one than you should consider the steps below:

    • Create a marketing strategy. What is the purpose of the commercial? Are you selling a new product, a product on at discount price, or it is the holiday period and you just want to remind your customers that you are still there, and wish them happy holidays, like the big companies (Coca Cola, Pepsi, or Mercedes) do. Is your product intended to be sold on the global or local market? If it is intended for local usage, than you should focus your script on local happenings, and use local character stereotypes. Otherwise, if its purpose is to be sold on global level, than you should use global characters, such as Santa Claus, famous sportsman, action heroes or national heroes. Next comes making the scenario of the commercial. You can make a story that describes your product, or film a comedy commercial, that will make your viewers laugh and remember it. Or you can decide to try more a difficult approach, like filming a thriller commercial that will keep your viewers confused, not knowing what the commercial sells until the end of it.


    • After making the scenario, make sure to pick suitable characters for your commercial. Make sure you interview all of the potential actors, and suit the ones that fit the best, since they are the one that will sell your product. Give advantage to smiley faces, unordinary but happy characters which can express their satisfaction of your product in front of the audience. Smiles, family gathering with kids and pets, or old happy couples are some of the well-known key factor to succeed.


    • Pick a destination and equipment. It’s simple: cold drinks’ commercial are purchased on the beach, and high heels are worn in night clubs. Choose the destination that expresses the scope of usage of your product. The last step is choosing for the right equipment. You can leave that to the director, or if you want save some money, than you can do this by yourself. The good thing today is there are a lot of agencies that do renting of equipment, so you don’t have to buy anything. Try to find a local company that has great quality and low price rentals, such as Musimatic Audio Visual Rentals. If you also live in Atlanta, maybe you can check them out too.